Electric Plug, Cord Bending Tester

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Product Serial : QC-659
Electric Plug, Cord Bending Tester
Confirm to UL-817, GB T14471 Standard

QC-659 can do bending test for electric wire products, when inner core wire break due to excessive bending to cause broken circuit, this tester can automatic record bending times. Specially to heighten operation panel, increasing the convenience for operation.


Industry: Electron, Electric wire, Electric equipment

Jigs 6 sets
Swing angle ±30°、±45°、±60°、±75°、±90° (adjustable)
With angle indicator to identify the bending angle.
Speed DC motor, setting 20 ~ 60CPM is available.
Counter 7 sets,When a single wire break, the counter which belongs to the breaking wire will stop counting. Shut down is controlled by master counter or automatically stop when six sets specimens break.
Weights 100、200、300、500g each per 6 pcs
Attach with weights shelf for put convenience.
Dimension 78×65×95cm
Weight 100㎏
  1. With 6 Sets of terminal-plug and Alligator-clip for easy t to connect.
  2. The length of specimen could be adjustable, and machine is equipped with limitation block to prevent specimen crash each other.
  3. The R angle of grip at two ends: 10mm and 5mm, changeable.
  4. The grip span can be custom-made according to wire head size.
  5. Single counter Built-in battery can be used for about 5 years


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