Solar Panel Abrasion Tester

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Product Serial : GI-M043
Solar Panel Abrasion Tester
Confirm to EN 1096-2 Standard

GI-M043 is designed for the requirements of solar panel surface abrasion test, use wool felt to do abrasion test, during testing process that each wool felt abrasion stroke needs to self-rotation 20 degrees, set the required load and the number of times to proceed with friction, determine the test surface of the solar panels damaged condition.


Industry: Electron

Machine test stroke 10-150mm adjustable (Common use is 145mm)
Machine test speed 10-120 CPM can set (Digital)
Test load Basic load 125g, add counterweight
50g/100g/200g/300g/500g/1000g per one pcs
Stroke The end of each stroke friction head rotates 20 degrees
Accessory With one set of wool felt grip
Max. test specimen 400x400mm
Test times 1-999,999 times
Power 100-240V


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