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Product Serial : QC-636
Drop Weight Impact Tester
Confirm to BS EN 1621-1-2012、 BS EN 1621-2-2014 Standard
This tester is applied on buffer material test with a standard weight of 5kg hammer, drop height is usually 100cm, can produce about 50 joules to hit against test pieces vertically. This tester can read remaining energy value is absorbed by specimen after 50 joules force impact. Generally it is used to protect personnel and sophisticated objects, the impact absorbing ability of packaging materials during transportation.

Industry:Sports equipment, packaging materials
Model QC-636
Maximum test height 210cm
Test counter weight 5Kg
Test capacity 100J
Force sensor Higher than125kn, Minimum accuracy 1kn, Frequency above 8khz reflect.
Feature 1. A / B two impact ways can be interchanged.
2. Counter weight lifting is adopted electric way.
3. Counter weight is adopted electromagnet adsorption method, during adsorption process with security agencies to protect, counter weight will not release due to power outages and then cause danger.
4. Counter weight working orbit is adopted Linear Slides to decrease resistance.
5. Dedicated software can display related analysis.
Accessory Dedicated software
Dimension 84x56x275cm


Smooth surface dimension: 40x80mm
Four chamfers radius:r=5mm
Type A test piece is placed in the form of anvil, a smooth surface, the radius of the hemispherical 50mm
Hammer type: A 60-degree V-type (front R angle 12.5mm)
B type anvil: R=150mm, height is around190mm
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