Non-Contact Video Extensometer

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Product Serial : QC-553
Non-Contact Video Extensometer
The common touch type extensometer cause the test result unstable and not easy for using due to its counterweight, clamping, eccentric, operation space and so on. The manual adjust the gauge length and clamp position might also cause the personal error. The non-contact type video extensometer will track the mark automatically and record the distance between the mark to calculate the gauge length. Through this kind image processing and dynamic tracking technology, it can reach the best situation feedback. The system can base on the test sample situation to have the AI learning which can lead the idenfify and tracking effect precisor.QC-553 non-contact extensometer will equipped with two telecentric lens camera. User can use only one camera for test tiny deformation. For test high deformation test, the double cameras can move freely to search the marks and measure the deformation. User can get a actual result from non-contact measurement and avoid the break from clamp.
Viewable Range 24.5 x 19.6 mm
Resolution 19.2 μm
Track Speed 80 μm
Single Camera Measure Distance Max. 500 mm/min
Single Camera Measure Distance 15 mm or lower
Double Camera Measure Distance 600 mm or lower
Motor Stepper Motor
Function 1. Automatic/Manual track target
2. Single/Double camera track target
3. Automatic return
4. Anti-collision function
5. Up/Down limit
6. Equipped with lighting source
7. Synchronize with Amis_Plus
PC-Port RS 232 to USB
Power Supply 110V
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