X-Sight ONE Video Extensometer

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Product Serial : X-Sight ONE
X-Sight ONE Video Extensometer
The common contact type extensometer might have the unstable results or inconvenient operation issues due to its clamping, counterweight, eccentricity and the operation space problems. It has high possibility to occur the personal errors by adjusting the gauge length and clamp position manually. The video extensometer (optical extensometer) can track the symbols and record the gauge length for calculation automatically. It performs great reaction through its specialized image processing and dynamic tracking technology.
Field of View / Accuracy class (ISO 9513) 130 x 109 mm / class 0.5
260 x 218 mm / class 1
Working Distance 156 mm (12mm lens) – 3020 mm (50 mm lens)


Single camera resolution – 5 MPx

Extensometer class

ISO 9513 Class 0.5, Class 1
ASTM E83-10 B-1

Sampling rate

75 Hz @ full resolution / up to 1000 Hz with reduced FoV

Sample temperature


Pixel size

3.45 µm
Digital output USB 3.0
2D and 3D digital image correlation measurements Single-camera in-plane 2D system can be upgraded to multi-camera 2D and/or full 3D surface measuring system


221 × 187 × 80 mm (W×D×H)
Weight 1.4 kg

Power input

110-240 VAC
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