Clear Aligners Testing Machine

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Clear Aligners Testing Machine
The dental appliance is a device for teeth orthodontic to improve the occlusion and adjust the teeth to the normal position. The basic theory is to use the tractive causing by the artificial tooth aligner to make the dentale remodeling and tissue proliferation. Usually, the process will need a long time. To ensure the stability, this machine can test the relation of material deformation between force or time.The clear aligners testing machine is able to adjust the angle and stressed position. To simulate the clear aligner deformation from been stressed particially and under some special environment, it provides a beaker as the test area for user to add factors such as water and so on.
Max. Capacity 5 kg
Force Resolution 23 bits
Force Precision 1/10,000
Test Stroke 10 mm
Stroke Resolution 0.001 mm
Units Force : gf, kgf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), tonf(long), tonf(short)
Displacement : m, cm, mm, μm, in, ft
Max. Frequency 400 Hz (Max.)
PC-Port RJ45 (TCP/IP)
Power Supply Single phase 100~240VAC, 5A
Dimension of Machine 30x20x45 cm
Weight of Machine 12kg