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Product Serial : QC-701A
Super Daylight
Confirm to JIS-Z8724, CIE-30 Standard

QC-701A the standard multi-light source color chamber can simulate variety of lighting conditions. It provides an objective standard environment so that users can contrast specimen of color.


Determination of color in various light conditions have different color effect difference. QC-701A Super Daylight provides D65 standard solar light source, UV Fluorescence light, A sunset light source…etc commonly used light in the environment. (Also can choose other light source) This tester provides each light source of each time of accumulated as the basis for life of the lamp.

Applied Industry: Textile, printing, plastic, paint

Inner chamber 67×37×35cm
Light Source
Light Application Color Temp Watt Specification
D65 Artificial daylight 6500K 2 pcs ×18W TL-D 90 De LUXE 18W/965
TL84 Europe,
Japan light source
4000K 2 pcs×18W T.D 18W/840 COOL WHITE
CWF Cold fluorescence, America light source 4200K 2 pcs×20W F20T12-CW COOL WHITE
A Sunset light,
yellow light
2700K 4 pcs×40W 40W 
colorimetric light
UV UV light source Fluorescence reaction 1 pcs×20W G.E. 20W


Control method Control method: Complete-electronic type starter with high frequency, Users don’t have to wait for start.
Timer 5 Sets. For record the using of each light. Lamp lifetime is 1000 hours.
Feature 1. Partition lampshade for homologies light source
2. Light Spot will not occur easily
Dimension 72×42×58cm
Weight 25kg


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