The Best Protector of UTM: Anti-collision Function

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Function Introduction

Nowadays, people will seek for protection or assistance through purchasing insurance while get into accident. Cometech's exclusive anti-collision functions is to build a instant response mechanism as machine protector. Take MIM-104 Patriot as an example, it has a fast reaction system to minimize the damage while in emergency.
The most common human error might be due to the high speed sample or grips impact. The impact force will directly damage the force sensor-load cell, and further more affect the machine mechanism. Once the load cell is broken or the test result is unstable, these will influence quality inspection line and event company's operation.
Cometech design the most completed anti-collision system in Taiwan. Minimize the risk and protect the machine can let you win the head start on the quality control.


1. Anti-collision has high sampling rate which can start the protect system immediately while impact occur to reduce the impact force.
2. The system can provide the protection under max. 1000mm/min. The protection are available when operate the tensile/compression tests and adjust the machine displacement.