QC-121 Series - New look of Box Compression Tester

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Here comes the new look of QC-121 series! Different with the gray, we color the machine with navy blue imparting an artistic air in your factory. Except the apperance, we also improve its rigidty to strengthen the construstion and extended the life cycle. To satisfy various test demand, user can choose different system with relative software to have the data analysis.




2000KG(20KN), 5000KG(50KN)


● Equipped with 7" touch screen. Able to support stand alone operation without connecting to PC.
● Display can save 50 test results and export via USB.
● Dedicated software can support with data analysis and report export.
● The upper platen can change with U-joint or fixed mechanism, the U-joint type can adjust the angle depens on the sample deformation during the test.
● There are multi-point sensor to detect the force changing which are able to get the most precise result.