Vertical Torque Tester

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Product Serial : QT-050B1
Vertical Torque Tester

QT-050B1 under 10N-M capacity of torque tester, like bottle top, packaging can, springs..etc of torque test. The specimen of length can be adjustment by machine movements and meet different size of test. It has flexibility of computerized test system. The testing process of data can achieve more complete record and analysis.


Industry: Package, Electron

Test capacity 1.5N-M、3N-M、5N-M、10N-M  (or other capacity) optional
Torque resolution 1/10,000
Test speed 1~200 rpm adjustable
Test space φ 150 mm
Test stroke
(specimen Length)
200mm Max.
Accessories With one set of torque software
Feature 1.Testing travel can be adjusted according to height of specimen by electric upward and downward adjustment.
2. Breading and continued test. Machine will stop automatically while specimen is broken.
3.The optional metric units and with the graph shows the testing process.
4.Both clockwise direction and anti-clockwise direction test are available.

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