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Product Serial : QC-T100
Torque Tester

QC-T100 Versatile torque testing machine which can optional different grip to do many kind of test. It is suitable for hand tool, power tools, package container, parts assemble torque of test. It has public and imperial units switch, keep the max. value, auto-zero of functions. The torque value has LCD display with digital direct reading ease of use. Built-in high-performance rechargeable battery without plug-in can also be sued for long time.


Industry : Hand tools, electronic components, caps.

Capacity 200kg-cm(able to select suitable capacity)
Resolution 1/1000 means min is 0.1㎏-㎝(ex:100㎏-㎝)
Feature Front and reverse rotate test is capable
Unit ㎏-cm、in-LB、NM switched
Accessories Standard 17mm of Hex fitting
If need other test grip, need to purchase separately.
Dimension 26×18×9(H)cm
Electricity More than 12 hours of continuous use, charge-free


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