Motor & Manual Counter of Yarn Twist Tester

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Product Serial : QC-309, QC-309A
Motor Twist Counter for yarn, Manual twist counter for yarn
Confirm to ISO 2061, ASTM D1422, BS-903, FZ-T10001, JIS L1095 Standard

QC-309 & QC-309A first the yarn is clamped by left support jaw, after that pull yarn to right of rotating clip, the dial’s pointer shows zero, and then clamp yarn on the rotating clip, specimen yarn around 10 or 20 inches, when rotating clip move, twist is released and when all twist disappear, rotating clip follow same direction rotate until twist rejoin, pointer shows zero. Resolution list records the total number of revolutions, after total revolution divide two, divide specimen length to calculate per inch twist.


Industry: Textile

Model QC-309 QC-309A
Indicator LED digital display
Speed 50 ~ 800 RPM (adjustable) Manual Control
Direction S or Z switchable Manual control S or Z
Weight Sets 0.3g×1,0.5g×1,0.8g×1,1g×1,2g×1,3g×1,5g×1 each ,10g×2
Specimen Size 5~52 cm [Max. Distance of common use 10"(25.4 cm) and 20"(50.8 cm) or indicated.
Basic Load 1.2 g
Power Single phase 110V or 220V NA
Dimension 85 × 19 × 37 cm (W×D×H)    95×19×37cm(W×D×H)
Weight 12 kg

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