Modular Units for Static & Dynamic Testing Tasks

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Product Serial : QC-PM250
Modular Units for Static & Dynamic Testing Tasks

Hydraulic / Electric


QC-PM250 is designed for static and dynamic tests, Material and component testing, durability testing, Fatigue and high frequency tests. It is demanding static and dynamic testing in Research and Development and in quality control.


Applied Industry: Aviation and car industry, ship building, railway vehicles, medical technology

Model QC-PM250H QC-PM250E
Size Fnom: 5-50kN
Test of drive Hydraulic, 280bar Electric
Optional assembly in the upper cross-head or in the machine base
Piston stroke 50 – 400mm 76-450mm
Adjustment way
of the cross-head
Testing room
Inner width of
test frame
Specimens Standard test pieces, components and parts in the destructive and non-destructive test range
(example: metals, elastomers, composite materials)
  1. Static and dynamic tensile and compression tests
  2. Dynamic strength testing
  3. Cyclic testing, service load simulations
Test frame
  1. Closed, solid test frame in 2-column design with high stiffness
  2. Chrome-plated precision columns with extreme wear- resistance
  3. Continuously adjustable cross-head with manual clamping
  4. High flexibility of adaption and fixing options
  5. Set-up by supported machine feet without a special bed-plate
Force measurement
  1. Strain gauge for tensile and compressive forces
  2. Optional assembly at the piston rod or at the base plate
Options / accessories
  1. Hydraulic aggregate
  2. Broad range of specimen holders, tensioning equipment, compression plates and bending tables
  3. T-slot table
  4. Transport devices
  5. Climate chambers
  6. Protective equipment
  7. Hydraulically or electromechanically adjustable lifting cylinders for the cross-head adjustment
Digital control
Control station RS-C30;
24-bit digital controller DIGIMAXX C-30®
For the fulfillment of demanding static and dynamic test requests.
Software ProteusMT test software, the user-friendly operating surface for programming,
execution and evaluation of static and dynamic tests
Voltage 3x400 Voltage, 50Hz
(W x Dx H)
747 x 780 x 2415/3015mm 747 x 780 x 1879/2595mm