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Product Serial : QC-506D1 (20kN)
UNIVERSA materials testing machine

506D1 is a double column, table-top universal testing machine with max capacity of 20kN. It has a larger testing area, which provide greater capability to customize test environment based on users' needs.
Users can conduct the test directly or using D1 software on computer with Windows 7 or above. D1 can perform tensile, compression, bending, peeling and some other tests.
With multiple languages, both Metric and Imperial units, D1 is very easy to learn and convenient to use. It can also display test graph instantly. With various of analysis providing, users can analyze their test result better and generate test report with our software.

Industry:Rubber, Plastic, Paper, Textile, Metal, Wood, Tape, Electron, Package, Medical, Architecture


Model Standard QC-506D1 Height Extend QC-506D1
Max. capacity 20kN
Units Force: gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short)
Pressure: Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg
Force Resolution 23 bits
Force Precision 1/10,000
Test stroke(w/o grip) 800 mm 1200 mm
Displacement resolution 0.001mm
Space between columns 425mm (500mm, 680mm, 800mm optional)
Speed range 25~650mm/min adjust by DIP switch
Min speed 25mm/min at 1000kg
45mm/min at 2000kg
Connect to PC through TCP/IP port with software cable provide upon purchase
Data sampling rate  Max 1200Hz
Hardware protection upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop button
Power source DC motor
Rigidity 1484 kgf/mm
Feature ※connect with 7 -inch of TFT Color touch panel
※Real-time test graph display
※one set of load sensor and 2 sets of Encoder
※Flash drive connection panel can store all data on single test process.
※can be operated via panel or via optional software to connect computer to do test and data analysis.
※equip with overload and over-displacement instant protective detection
※Quick-release controllerto increase maintenance and replacement convenience
※Signal connector has a memory function, does not limit the number of sensors to replace.
Power Phase Single phase 110 / 220VAC , 5A
Dimension 86 x 60 x 150 cm 84 x 60 x 195 cm
Weight 145kgf 190kgf


(1)Grip & Load Cell
Each test will require different test grips and accessories for the plastics, metal, biomedical, composite, elastomer, component, automotive, aerospace, textile and other applications industries.

♦ Tensile grip
♦ Compression grip
♦ Bending grip
♦ Peeling/Tearing grip
♦ Film friction grip
♦ Load cell

(2) Displayer

1. Adopted with 7- inch of TFT Color touch screen.
2. Chinese, English, Japanese, Three different languages can be selected.
3. Data Display: Force, Stress, Torque, Displacement, Time.
4. Can do hardware setting, testing setting, unit setting, data setting .protection setting, graph setting.
5. Unit selection can be Metric unit, Imperial units of variety changed.
6. Can store up to 50 data.


(3) Extensometer

QC-557 Short extensometer which
is applied in under 50% of elongation test.
  QC-551 Long extensometer which
is applied in over 20% of elongation test.


1. Data sample rate faster can be set up to 1200 Hz.
2. Operation method: Full-computerized control to run the test or Jog button control.
3. Compatible with Window 7 /8 system.
4. Software has multi-languages.
5. Interface for TCP/IP.
6. Multi-curves display and real-time plot.
7. Various units of measurement are available
8. Flexible form to manage database.
9. Free to name the data file.
10. Testing screen is selective to display data, graph at the same time.
11. Data processing: file saving, setting loading, report printing and data comparing.
12. Graph display: strain v.s. elongation, strain v.s. time and so on.
13. Tensile test, compression test, bending test, peel test.
14. Software protection: Overload, over -displacement, over-time protection.

(1)Software interface (2)Report

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