Manual Wrap Reel, Motor Wrap Reel

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No модели : QC-301, QC-302
Manual Wrap Reel, Motor Wrap Reel
Confirm to ASTM D1059, ISO 7211 Standard

By manual or motor-driven with speed 150-200PRM, revolving set circumference ready’s winder, wind certain circles and length yarn in order to obtain yarn’s lea strength and after balance weighing to calculate yarn counts.


Industry: Textile

Model QC-301 QC-302
Reel Winding number 4 5
Reel Winding number Manual control 200 R.P.M.
Circumference 1meter/turn or 1.5yard/turn
Set auto stop 0~9,999 times
Read circles directly
0~99,999 times
Set auto stop
Power NA Single phase 110V或220V
Dimension 80 × 43 × 65 cm 90 × 50 × 65 cm
Weight 38 kg 60 kg
  • (A)Yarn measurement: measure yarn weight with balance (with minimum reading: 0.01g)
       Denier (D): One Denier represents 9000m yarn in length weight 1g
       Tex:ex: Each 1000m length divides by weight (g)
  • (B)Lea Strength:80 circles that equals 120yard is one LEA
       Definition of Lea Strength: Test yarn strength with tensile testing machine by gripping yarn with dia.
       2.54 cylinders and pull yarn at speed 304.8 ± 12.7mm/min until it break.


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