No модели : QC-GS
Stand Holder

The load stand can provide an accurate load and increase measurement accuracy and reproducibility when measure hardness.


After press flat the specimen and read the highest value at the first time or set up timing to get second value. To test above 5 point of position and to get average value. To be measurement object of thickness and measurement of position, please see each hardness tester of standard data.


Industry:Rubber, Plastic, Textile

Model QC-GS
Loading weight 1 kg、5 kg
Feature Specimen height adjustable
Dimension 18 × 20 × 42 cm
Weight 18 kg


Hardness tester of load

Material Type Load
Foam, PU, Rubber, Soft Plastic SHORE A、C TYPE 1 kg
Hard Plastic, Hard Rubber SHORE D 5 kg


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  • QC-GS Hardness Tester
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