Hardness Tester

No модели : GS-709N / GS-701N / GS-702N
Hardness Tester
Confirm to ASTM D2240, ISO 868, DIN 5305 Standard

The handheld hardness tester is suitable for non-metallic and other soft materials test which on standard of material imposed require of force and read pointer value to get the hardness of the material.


The different hardness of material will have different specimen area and thickness of requirement. It needs to do 5~10 time of test and make average to get correct hardness of material.


Industry : Rubber, Plastic, Textile

Model Type Application Load Indentor
GS-701N C TYPE Foam(PU) 1kg Ball
GS-702N SHORE D Hard Plastic 5kg Needle
GS-709N SHORE A Normal rubber 1kg Needle


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