Spring fatigue testing machine

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No модели : QC-901
Spring fatigue testing machine

Adjusting machine test stroke and length of the spring set position, the tension spring or compression spring fixed in the fixture, set test times and speed, proceed with test until the broken spring bounce fixture, the machine automatically retain the number of test, set from touch screen and see the results, the machine can test within 5 sets tensile (compression) spring simultaneously. The machine will automatically stop when all specimens are destroyed


Industry: Spring

Model QC-901
Max. capacity 50 kg (Depend on the test stroke)
Max. stroke 160 mm
Max. test distance 180 mm
Testing quantity Max. up to 5 sets
Max. test speed 20 ~ 500(rpm)
Max. test times 999,999,999
Max. test times Single phase 220V 
Dimension 72 × 115 × 142 cm
Weight 190 kg


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