Vicat Heat Deflection Tester

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Product Serial : QC-662B
Vicat Heat Deflection Tester
Confirm to ASTM D648 ISO 75-1 Standard
VST (Vicat Softening Temperature) is the temperature at which the surface of a loaded
specimen(1kg or 5kg) is penetrated to a depth of 1mm by a standard needle (1mm2 cross section).
The temperature increases by a steady rate of 50°C per hour.
The tester is equipped with touch screen that guides users step by step. During the process, the display calculates the load required by the test automatically. A user-friendly interface and standardized process are designed to orientate users in the shortest possible and to reduce test errors. The display shows specimen temperature and LVDT displacement at each station. The temperature record stops when it reaches deflection value and the tester starts cooling down. Smart testing process is time-saving and requires only a minimum of testers.
The test is suitable for material that is hard at room temperature. The specimen is 3 to 6.5
mm thick and the dimension is at least 10 x 10 mm or Ø10mm.
Temperature Room temperature up to 300℃
Temperature Control 50°C per hour (adjustable)
Weight Method A: 1 Kg, Method B: 5 Kg
Deflection reading 0.001 - 3.000 mm
Specimen preparation At least two flat, smooth, parallel specimens with thickness 3 to 6.5mm and area 10 x 10 mm or Ø10mm mm2 are needed. If the specimen is thicker than 6mm, reduce it by half on one side and keep the other side unchanged. If the thickness is below 2.5 mm, stack the specimen withless than 3 other materials and make the combination at least 3 mm thick.
Feature 1.Multiple data are displayed on the 7” touch screen
2.Load data completely recorded and data exportable to Excel
3.User-friendly and illustration-guided interface Jigs are replaceable
Stations 1, 2, 3
Cooling method Water cooling
Tester Dimension 85 X 48 X 54 cm
Power Single phase, AC 220V