Digital Vicat Heat Deflection Tester

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Product Serial : QC-661
Digital Vicat Heat Deflection Tester
Confirm to ASTM D1525 ISO 306 GB T1633 Standard
The specimen is given a fixed 10N force (or 50N) at the center with a standard Ø1 mm pin, and the temperature should increase by 50 degrees Celsius per hour. When the penetration depth of specimen reaches 1mm, the temperature is determined as the Vicat softening temperature VST. The tester is equipped with touch screen that guides users step by step. A user-friendly interface and standardized process are designed to orientate users in the shortest possible and to reduce test errors. The system has built-in calculation function, user can enter the specimen dimension to get the required weight. During the process, the specimen holder and the weight frame automatically rise and descend to facilitate specimen’s installment. This tester has 6 test stations, each one can show the independent temperature and displacement on the display. When it reaches deflection value, it will record the temperature and stops and start cooling system. Smart testing process is time-saving and requires only a minimum of testers.

■ QC-656 H.D.T. Digital Heat Deflection Tester
■ QC-662 Vicat Heat Deflection Tester
■ QC-657B H.D.T. Heat Deflection Tester
Temperature Room temperature - 300℃
Temperature Control 50℃ increase per hour (adjustable)
Weight Method A: 10N ; Method B: 50N
Delfection Reading 0.001~3.000 mm
Test Head Diameter Ø 1mm
Specimen Dimension At least two flat, smooth, parallel specimens with thickness 3 to 6.5mm and area 10 x 10 mm2 or Ø10mm are needed.If the specimen is thicker than 6mm, reduce it by half on one side and keep the other side unchanged. If the thickness is below 2.5 mm, stack the specimen with less than 3 other materials and make the combination at least 3 mm thick.
Temperature Equalization Method Circulating flow
Cooling Method Water cooling
Stations 6 test stations
Dimension 48×110×125 cm
Weight 230 kg (Empty); 250 kg (oil inlcuded)
Power Sigle Phase 220VAC

Vicat Heat Deflection:
※Able to switch in to Vicat heat deflection test mode. Test standard can be switch into ASTM or ISO. Support with specimen dimension enter for load auto-calculation.

Test Display: 
※Able to test 6 specimen to test at the same time.Each sample holder has its own temperature and displacement measure tool. Display will show the real-time test situation. When reaching deflection value, it will stop and start cooling system.