Vicat Heat Deflection Tester

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Product Serial : QC-655
Vicat Heat Deflection Tester
Confirm to ASTM D1525 ISO 306 GB T1633 Standard

QC-655 Vicat softening of temperature (VST) is the specimen was measured by the fixed load 1kg (or 5kg). When the cross-sectional 1mm² of standard needle punctures into surface 1mm deep of temperature, the testing specimen of ambient temperature should be 50 degrees per hour in rise speed steady. The specimen requires 3mm ~6.5mm (thickness) and size will be 10x10mm or dia. 10mm at least.


Industry : Plastic、Rubber

Model No. QC-655
Temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃
Control Temperature 50℃/per hour
Weight Method A:1Kg、Method B:5Kg
Deformation display 0.01  ~ 10 mm
Specimen size
  1. At least two specimens prepared and at least have 3 to 6.5mm thickness and size 10mm2., the two sides of specimen should parallel, surface is smooth without crack or air bubble.
  2. If thickness is over 6mm, should cut one side surface to around 3mm (thickness) , the other side remain the same.
  3. If the thickness is below 2.5mm, fold 3 pieces (max) together to make the thickness at least 3mm.
Testing Sets Mechanical meter 0.01~12mm
Digital meter 0.001~12mm
PLC control 0.001~12mm
Set choice: 1、2、3、6 sets

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