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Product Serial : QC-639F(G)
Digital Impact Tester
Confirm to ISO13802, DIN53453, ASTM D256, ISO180, ASTM D6110, ISO179 Standard

QC-639F & QC-639G Specimen breaks through one time pendulum impact, specimen break needed energy reflect on pendulum’s loss energy, use pendulum potential energy to calculate impact strength. QC-639 Digital series impact testers that can proceed with parameters of abrasion loss, wind resistance and pendulum energy setting and calibration. High accuracy and easy operation, user can directly read test energy value from display.


Industry : Plastic

Model QC-639F QC-639G
Izod type Capacity: 1J、2.75J、5.5J、11J、22J Capacity: 25J、50J
Charpy type Capacity: 1J、2J、5J、11J Capacity: 25J、50J
Energy loss < 2.5%
Best test range 10 ~ 90% of the pendulum capacity
Minimum display angle 0.05°
Impact angle 150°
Unit J、J/mm、J/cm、J/mm²、J/cm²、KJ/m²、Kg-cm、Kg-cm/mm、Kg-cm/cm、ft-lb、ft-lb/in、ft-lb/in²
Power Single phase 100 ~ 240 V
Dimension 80 × 38 × 75 cm 90 × 45 × 80 ㎝
Weight 200 kg 250 kg

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