Hydraulic Press Forming Machine

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Product Serial : QC-602B
Hydraulic Press Forming Machine

QC-602B is using electric hydraulic of output to press upper and lower plates. The pressure can be adjust to output of 30~100%. It is a convenience model for powder-molded, compact matching and pressurize combination of few specimen purpose. This machine is high parallelism which can choose high pressure.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic

Model QC-602B
Pressure(ton) 5T 10T 20T 30T 50T
Pressure is from the pressure gauge which shows on the pressure of conversion table.
(Optional high-precision electronic pressure monitor)
Timer 0 ~ 999 minutes
Dimension of heating plate 300×300 mm
Distance of heat plate 160 mm (max
Power Three phase , 220V/50 or 60Hz,30A

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