Hydraulic Hot Forming Press Machine

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Product Serial : QC-602A
Hydraulic Hot Forming Press Machine

QC-602A main function has heating device on upper and lower compression plates which output pressure by electric hydraulic. The pressure can be adjust to use between capacity 20~90%. It also can choose compression plate of cooling function and do a small amount specimen, press fit and forming which is best model choice.


Often used in polymer molding, such as plastic or rubber material place into plate and clamp between upper and lower heating plates and give appropriate pressure and temperature and after cooling, the raw material will be molding. It can be use on physical property test, color comparison and sample as basis of factory ingredients.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic

Model QC-602A
Pressure(ton) 10T 20T 30T 50T
Pressure is from the pressure gauge which shows on the pressure of conversion table.
(Optional high-precision electronic pressure monitor)
Temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃
Temperature range
  • Heating speed:40℃ to 200℃ → within 18 minutes
  • Cooling speed:200℃ to 60℃ → within 15 minutes
  • Cooling method:Circulating Cooling(optional)
      Temperature range is for reference, there will be difference in different models.)
Timer 0 ~ 999 minutes
Dimension of heating plate 300×300 mm
Distance of heat plate 60~120 mm (adjustable)
Accessory Mold for forming specimen: 1Set
Power Three phase 220V/50 or 60Hz,30A
Dimension 112 × 65 × 137 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 400 kg


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