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Product Serial : QC-904
Manual Spring Tester

This tester is designed for small capacity spring tensile & compression tests, by manual way as power to do spring test. Its high rigidity, high strength frame structure is suitable to do metal, compound materials’ spring tests in high technology industries. Its light and small frame feature using together with notebook & laptop to become a device set easy to carry and can be placed in various locations.


This model is using special testing software-Rabbit which is use Windows 7/8 of personnel computer. It can do spring tensile & compression test. The software with multi-languages is very easy to operate. It also has all kinds of metric units, real-time graphs and also provides complete test data which can do complete analysis, intercomparison and save file functions after test.


Model QC-904 Manual Spring Tester
Max. capacity 1kN
Force Precision 1/10,000
Test Stroke(w/o grip) 150mm
Stroke resolution 0.001 mm
Speed range Manual
Speed precision 0.005mm
Data sample rate Max. 100 Hz
Power Supply Single phase 100~240V



A. Spring hook: For Tensile, three hooks sizes can be selected.

B. Compressive platen (dia.50mm): A platform for compression test.


Frame typeA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)H (mm)W (mm)
QC-904 400 415 794 150 225
  • Work Platform: WINDOWS7 / 8 Operating System
  • Operation screen can display multiple test data to do comparison in the same time.
  • Units can be automatically converted to a variety of common units of international metric and imperial system, etc.
  • Diagram Report & Information report can self-selection.
  • Test data & diagram can be displayed in the same time.
  • Data processing: can save, call back, list, compare and also can invert data into EXCEL todo other planning analysis.
  • Do tensile & compressive spring tests.
  • PC Connection TCP / IP connected using
  • Force sensor signals can be recorded with a dedicated memory connector input signal                       parameters, when replacing the sensor without re-enter the settings


Software Interface



Test Video         Teaching material SOP        Test Case

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