RX Series Push Pull Gauge (10N~1000N)

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Product Serial : RX
RX Series Push Pull Gauge (10N~1000N)

RX Series Push Pull Gauge dramatically changed previous digital force gauges, especially in reactivity, precision, operation. On durability part has good performance. It is small and lightweight, with a large LCD screen which is easier to see the display data, in addition, the LCD screen has a reverse display function and with easy to operate bottoms. This is a product surpass than formerly products, function is more complete digital display model. With wide range of application on various manufacturers, electronics, textile industry, construction hardware and measurement & scientific research institutions, universities and other various fields.


Industry: Electron, Textile, Construction

Measurement unit 3 units (N/kgf/lb) selectable
Measurement item Peak value, Track value
Accuracy ±0.2%F.S.
Sampling frequency 50ms( 16ms,5ms,1.25ms)selectable
Display update interval 1,,2,5,10,20 times/ sec , changeable
Display 6-digit LCD, 44mm×44mm
A/D converter 16-bit, 100kHz
CPU in use 16-bit , single-chip CPU
Analog output ±2V/F.S. ※
Communication output RS232C 38400bps
Printer output SANEI thermal printer, MITUTOYO DIGIMATIC output※
GO ‧NG  judgment Lamp indication & output ※
Machine connection output Overload, zero reset, external input display HOLD contact※
Continuous run time Approx. 12 hours
Applicable temperature range 0 ~ 40℃
Dimension W68×H232×D40mm
Weight Approx. 450g
Power supply Ni-Cd battery, AC power adaptor

※The product marked requires an optional cable when proceed with external signal output.
(Remark)Able to switch. When select 1.25ms, external output is 2.5ms

RX Series Model List

Model Measurement range Measurement range Top shaft
RX-1 10N(1kgf) 0.001N M6
RX-2 20N (2kgf) 0.01N M6
RX-5 50N (5kgf) 0.01N M6
RX-10 100N (10kgf) 0.01N M6
RX-20 200N(20kgf) 0.1N M6
RX-50 500N (50kgf) 0.1N M6
RX-100 1000N (100kgf) 0.1N M6

※The min. display unit is not accuracy.

Optional Cables for RX Series

Analog output cable RX-OP-1
RS23CS interface cable RX-OP-2
MITUTOYO printer cable RX-OP-3
External control cable RX-OP-5
Stand control & RS232C interface cable RX-OP-6
Stand control cable RX-OP-7



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