B2 Series Microcomputer Multi-function Controller

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Product Serial : B2
B2 Series Microcomputer Multi-function Controller

With two sets load cells and two sets extensometers signal input, one set of test shutdown output contact. Transmitting data through USB compatible method, just simple setting that user can use and does not need to purchase data capture card. Aluminum package and with multi-function and easy to operate display to meet with various equipment measurements usage. Build-in memory function that can record 50 sets breakage point test data, it is convenient to test in terminal mode, with specific USB transmission line and software to do data analysis such as tensile, compression and bending tests, etc.


Industry : All Industry

Model B2 Series
Dimension 240*165*100 mm(w/o connector and installation parts)
Power force 100~240VAC
Control signal input 1NO & NC 1A SSROutput (Signal Use)
Communication interface USB 1.0 ConnectingCable
Data sampling rate 20 Hz
Load cell voltage 2.5VDC Output (Excitation Voltage)
Load cell signal voltage 1~4mV/V can be set
Load cell resolution 1/10000 can be set
Encoder signal voltage 5VDC
Encoder signal Mode Sing-ended wave (Transducer for option: differential signal)

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