A2 Series Microcomputer Multi-function Controller

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Product Serial : A2
A2 Series Microcomputer Multi-function Controller

High Sampling Rate and resolution enable to receive the nearest real data. With two sets load cells and two sets extensometers signal input, connector with specification and setting data memory function, sensor is portable that operators do not need record data and set parameter again. Transmitting data through USB method, simple setting that can use, it is unnecessary to purchase data capture card.


With upper and lower limit switch and stop switch signal input, use togetherwith software to do up and down function, easy to operate. It is capable of doing various tensile testing control tests with software, tensile, compression, abrasion tests, etc.


Industry : All Industry

Model A2 Series
Dimension 200*140*70mm (w/o connector and installation parts)
Power force 5VDC
Control signal input Dry Contact (No Voltage) Input
Control signal output 5VDC 10mA Output ( Signal Use)
Communication interface USB 1.0 ConnectingCable
Data sampling rate 5 , 20 , 50 , 100 , 200 , 300 , 500 (Hz) can be set
Load cell voltage 10VDC Output (Excitation Voltage)
Load cell signal voltage 1~4mV/V can be set
Load cell resolution 1/10000 , 1/20000 , 1/50000 , 1/100000 , 1/200000 can be set
Encoder signal voltage 5VDC
Encoder signal Mode Single-ended, differential square wave


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